Fixed devices (also multi-band apparatus or “fixed clip") consist of annular bands with lasered locks and tubes as well as individual brackets glued directly to the teeth. These straps and brackets are connected with archwires.
Each individual tooth has programmed its own optimized bracket with the ideal values of the tooth position in the dental arch, which moves the tooth physically with its tooth root and gently for the periodontium in the optimal position.

Highly elastic and thermoelastic special wire bows

During treatment, the highly elastic and thermo-elastic archwires specially developed for orthodontics transfer small and precisely dosed forces to the dental arch, which gently and continuously move the teeth to the correct position in the jaw.

This technique reduces the initial impact force, minimizing the subjective pressure pain.

These special archwires may be affected by temperature change, i. If you rinse your mouth with cold water, the bow becomes more elastic and the force on the teeth decreases.

Various optimized bracket systems

We offer you different bracket systems made of metal (Synthesis) for conventional treatment, titanium (Titanium Orthos) for hypoallergenic treatment, ceramic / fiberglass (Inspire Ice / Fiberglass) for aesthetic treatment and even state-of-the-art self-ligating bracket systems (Damon Q and Damon Q Clear) for a particularly gentle treatment.