If an orthodontic treatment is recommended at the new patients exam, then complete orthodontic records are necessary prior to beginning treatment. These records consist of digital photographic images, orthodontic digital x-rays, temporomandibular joint examination and models of the teeth. With this information, the doctor can finalize treatment plans and treatment costs. If the individual case needs further study or input from other sources, a seperate consultation will be scheduled to further discuss treatment options.

For complete orthodontic records we make digital x-rays to examine your teeth and the whole structure of the bones in your head. With newest digital technology we are able to minimize the exponation to x-rays and to maximize the quality of the pictures. If you have any new x-rays of your head, please be sure to bring them to your first examination.

The latest in digital techniques will then be used to image photographs of your face and your teeth. Analysis and simulations will show us the right way to harmonize your profile and to check the symmetry of your face. We will always check the individal signs of your face, profile and symmetry to prevent your personality. But in planning your orthodontic treatment we need all informations to make right decisions regarding the moving of your teeth into the position of best function and esthetics.