For making complete and optimized orthodontic records we recommend the advantages of using an anatomical face bow and then mounting the upper and lower models of your teeth in an articulator. The face bow registeres the pysiological and anatomical relationship of the upper model of your teeth to the individual position in your head and the distance to your temporomandibular joint. We then make an individual bite registration and mount your lower model in the exact relation into an articulator, which simulates your personal movements of the mandible while you are chewing.

With this exact diagnosis and information of the interaction of teeth, bones and temporomandibular joint it is possible to make an exact planning of your orthodontic treatment.

We will then do a thorough exam of your teeth, bite, oral tissues and temporomandibular joints. There will be checked the function of your muscles, your movements of the temporomandibular joints and the sensitivity of your face.