We monitor your oral hygiene with your dentist throughout your orthodontic treatment to keep your teeth healthy and caries free.

Oral hygiene instruction and control

At each appointment in the office, our team will check your oral hygiene and, in case of deficits, explain the measures taken to improve individual oral hygiene. Only together can we protect your teeth from decalcification and carious defects during orthodontic treatment.

Local fluoridation in practice

At regular intervals, your teeth are treated with a dental fluor gel in our practice and thus protected against decalcification and carious defects while maintaining the individually required oral hygiene measures.

Local fluoridation at home

At home, you fluoride with a commercially available fluorinated mouthwash. This should be used in the evening after thoroughly brush going to bed. At night your body reduces the saliva production and thus the rinsing effect of thing your teeth beforee saliva around your teeth. Here, this fluorine rinse protects with a thin local fluorine film on the teeth from decalcification and caries lesions.

Multiband treatment

Especially during a treatment with fixed devices (multiband / “fixed clasp") it depends very much on your regular tooth cleaning and tooth fluoridation.

Dental check-ups and prophylaxis

Your dentist checks the condition of your teeth and your oral hygiene at regular intervals during the semi-annual routine examinations and prescribes professional teeth cleaning if required.

Regular checks with tooth staining, cleansing, oral hygiene and local fluoridation minimizes caries risk and optimizes the condition of your oral hygiene.