We offer the latest self-ligating bracket systems from the USA when using fixed equipment (Multiband), which ensure the maximum comfort of treatment and ensure the gentlest possible application of force when moving your teeth.

Self-ligating Damon Q System Brackets

This self-ligating bracket system, which was specially developed in the USA, is based on the gentlest possible treatment mechanism for orthodontic treatment with fixed treatment devices. Here, the friction (friction) between the bracket system and the inserted wire arch is maximally reduced, so that the teeth can be moved as gently as possible, slowly and continuously in their ideal position.

These brackets are carefully opened by special trained personnel during a sheet exchange in the field with special instruments, the bow is removed, the new sheet is adapted and inserted and then the bracket is closed again. This most modern mechanism reduces the forces of the wire on your dental arch after a bow change and minimizes your time spent in our practice.

Particularly in the case of pain-sensitive patients, a tendency to headache, problems with the jaw, teeth grinding or teeth-pressing, this mechanism can maximally improve patient comfort in orthodontic treatment with fixed bracket systems.

Thermoelastic / superelastic special bow

Thermoelastic or super-elastic special arch made from the most modern metal alloys can be used to apply light and gentle forces to teeth during orthodontic treatment with fixed bracket systems. Thus, the treatment comfort of the patient increases, distributes the force gently on the tooth movement and gives the bone tissue enough time of biological adaptation and reshaping.

Treatment comfort and zest for life

This high-quality self-ligating bracket system makes you smile even during a treatment with fixed devices. Especially when you see and notice how the position of your teeth and your total bite increases.

Beautiful straight teeth radiate health and zest for life!

More information about the Damon Q Bracket System can be found at www.damonbraces.com!

(Pictures Damon Q by courtesy of OrmcoEurope)