After the active treatment and the fine adjustment by the positioner, the stabilization phase comes for the teeth and the jawbone.
The achieved treatment goal must now be fixed because the rebuilt bone is not yet restored and the teeth have a certain tendency to return.

Removable retention devices

To stabilize the jointly achieved treatment results, we manufacture individual removable retention devices for the upper and lower dental arch in our practice laboratory. These must then be worn conscientiously every night, so that bones and teeth can again stabilize and strengthen. How long you have to carry these retainers in total depends on various individual factors and is individually adapted to the tendency of your teeth to migrate back.

Fixed adhesive container

There is also the option to attach an adhesive container in the lower jaw anterior region or at other individually affected locations. This is a light special wire, which is attached to the corresponding inside of the teeth with fluorine-containing plastic and thus restricts the tendency of the teeth to migrate back.

This is done by an elaborate and high-quality adhesive technology directly in the mouth and means for you an optimal stabilization of the optimized treatment result.